RDR 1.75" Instructor Belt
RDR 1.75" Instructor Belt

RDR 1.75" Instructor Belt

  • BRAND: rdrgear

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RDR’s Instructor belt is built too last, and is extremely versatile. Because only the best will due, we use AustriAlpin Cobra buckles, 2 layers of 1.75” Mil-Spec webbing, and two layers of .03 plastic inserts that ensures you will have the strength and support to run this belt as a standalone or as an “inner” on your battle belt system. Sizing: When ordering your belt, we recommend using your “Pant” size. Example: If you wear a size 36 “pant” order a size 36 belt. Each belt will have approximately 2-4 inches of outward expansion to accommodate an IWB holster and/or weight fluctuation. **If you plan on losing weight in the very near term, please order a size or two smaller, our belts expand more than they do “shrink”. Please plan accordingly.